Friday, March 17, 2006

Top of the Morning to You ( Its really evening)

I thought I'd try my Irish accent on you! I have accomplished very little today, but what I did get done was rewarding. First thing this morning I put the corned beef in the crockpot, later added vegies, the about 2 hrs later the cabbage. So dinner was on it way, and BTW it was delicious.
One thing I appreciate about my husband, is he always thanks me for cooking dinner. It is a sweet thing. I read a story in some magazine, a young woman was telling how when she was growing up and would stay at the particular girls house for a sleep over, that at dinner her friends Dad would always thank his wife for cooking a nice dinner. I wish my husband an I had been together when I had small children so the could have experienced that. My grown children see it as do my grands. I just think its a really nice thing.
I gave my MIL a perm this morning, ran to the dollar store, love that place! I bought Birthday plates for the big day tomorrow, and foam door hanger crafts for Samantha and Emilie. Then I went to AC MOORE and bought some acrylic paint to work on the painting I started, I'll post a picture of the beginnings of the painting.
Other than those few things that was my day. Above all, God is good!
"The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure." - Deuteronomy 28:12

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