Thursday, July 13, 2006


This has been a really hectic month. My daughter Sarah and her husband came up from Florida and bought a home. It really is nice and it is very close to me. I am happy about that. That was the end of June when they settled.
the the third of July we went to a party and it was fun. JB and I did the cake for Pauls birthday. His birthday falls on the fourth of July, so naturally it was a Flag cake. Boy, JB can really decorate a cake.
This week my Mom was in the hospital having a difibralltor implanted. She is fine so far and this is day 3. My prayer is that she continue to do so.
Today I went to the Drs. With my daughter Staci, she needs to have a thing removed from her leg and something from her back, well I had been meaning to make an appt. With this very Dr. For a couple of little things sort of mole like from my leg and sun damage on my arm. Long story long :) she and I both are having surgery on the 19th of July. She is brave and will be awake with a local anesthetic not me they will put me under and I have four things coming off. Really the sun damage is my most concern.
Sarah has been living with no furniture since she moved up here. Her furniture will be in route as of tomorrow. They are a military family and all the hoopla that needs to be done. So she has stayed here and painted the house and gotten the stuff done such as phone, cable, and all the needs. Plus she has Haley who is 5 and Logan who was two on the 11th.I know she feels a little removed from the house right now without her stuff.
Isn't it interesting how our personal things give us so much comfort?
Hey speaking of the 11th, JB and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. He's a great guy, bought me roses, candy and we went to dinner. We had all you can eat Maryland crabs. Yummy!
Back to JB, I love him so much, he really makes me heart happy. I have known him for 30+ years and I am so glad we had developed this long friendship before we were ever involved.

Guess I will close for the night, I hope all your days are Blessed. And know that
God is a really BIG GOD, and he LOVES each and everyone of us, just the way we are.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's been over a month!

Its been over a month since I have blogged. WOW!
In a nutshell June flew by and July is well on its way. My grandchildren were away for two weeks, and during tose two weeks my younges daughter Sarah and her family moved up here. I now have two more grandchildren living in my area. Yippee!! Wish my oldest daughter and her son lived here.
Anyway, we have found the coolest church to attend. I am so excited. JB and I have been looking for about 3 years for a church in our area to call home, and I believe that we have found it. The church is Frederick Christian Fellowship Church, it is an enthusastic, people serving church.
I inquired today about having a small group meeting in our home, so we will see what it entails and go from there.
Green, my favorite color. I am trying to steer away from green since I have so much in my wardrobe and my house, my coworkers think I need green therapy.
Well enough geen talk!
Just had a video call with Samantha and Emilie. technology is so cool!
Gotta go!