Thursday, August 23, 2007

H is for

Hoopla! Yep hoopla.

hoop·la noun

1. misleading talk: intentionally misleading talk or propaganda ( informal )
2. loud celebration: a noisy excited commotion or joyous celebrating ( slang )
3. great public uproar: a great amount of public fuss, commotion, or uproar with attendant publicity or media interest ( slang )

You all know this word, it's the stuff that goes on at work, and you just think GROW-UP!
Truth of the matter it really isn't affecting me personally, it is just going on and most of us are bystanders, watching it.

This is the other word I would have used but it didn't start with a H. :)


brou·ha·ha (plural brou·ha·has)

1. outcry: public criticism or protest
2. noisy commotion: a noisy commotion or uproar ( informal )
[Late 19th century. <>