Friday, March 03, 2006


You know, I'm a hairdresser, which makes me a people pleaser even on days I don't feel like it.
I hi-lighted a womans hair today, it looked great and she liked it. Problem was from the beginning she would say Ashley did this and Ashley did this, I was OK with that, then she told me what shampoo to us and styling product to use, and how Ashley blew her hair dry a certain way. I explained that I dry the root are first then the ends dry much quicker. Then she got real grouchy and said her hair was going to be greasy because I wasn't using the hair care system the way it was intended (Hey, I'm the HAIRDRESSER!) so, I told her I would find Ashleys hrs. And maybe she could schedule with her the next time. No tension here. Well my blood sugar was dropping big time, and she said one more thing, and I said! I'll get someone else to finish your hair! Called up to my manager and told her to come and take care of this woman, and I broke down in tears!!! Cried like a BABY!
The woman told my manger she didn't know why I was upset she only said she didn't want me to put any more product in her hair..BOLOGNA! I said Barb, I wouldn't cry if someone only said that. This woman had me stressed!
You know working with a bunch of woman ( and men) can be stressful, but, on the other hand its good because they are also you biggest cheerleaders. I knew I was right and they told me so. :) They were on my side.
On the bright side, I am better, and I know that these things we go through only serve to build our character. I have two updos tomorrow and I'm going in Sunday and help with inventory... I shall have great character by Monday!
Be Blessed everyone, and just remember we can be a character or build our character, I'd rather be the better person. Wouldn't you?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The 1st page

I did an ABC book for JB for Christmas and on every page I used the letter of the alphabet to describe mostly his characater and a scripture to reflect it.

Made this for JB for Christmas

Angel Tomato

Someone emailed me this picture thought I'd share with everyone.

Memory of Last Summer


It seems as though when you pay for a service, ie: insurance, hospital bills , no matter there certainly is a lot of bull, or in polite terms, red tape. Yesterday it was the prescription stuff for the hubby and I. Today its the Medicare prescription plan for my MIL. She has been with us for most of last year now the plan we picked for her wants to verify her address. Since she has been in Virginia prior to this bout of illness, that was the address SSA had and medicare. So, I had to change her address with SSA ( that was no hassle at all ) then I had to call the prescription plan ( pain in the butt ) write them a letter from her, and from us. I mean for crying out loud she's 84 this month, why would she mislead anybody as to her address.
Speaking of MIL, I really have one of the nicest best MIL's ever.
Hubby and I are the sandwich generation, we have the grands and the parent(s). My mom was with us last year 3 months. The yr/ before maybe 2 months and his mom is with us atleast 9 months out of the year.
Thank God truly we have the abilities to take care of all of them and meet their needs.
It's not finacial things just due to illnesses and my daughter needing us to keep the girls I am glad we are able.
I wouldn't have it any other way because atleast in our house we know the care all of them get. They are not at the mercy of strangers.
Its scary to have your kids or parents in a situation that can't really be monitored.
Unless I were totally physically unable to care for them, that will never happen.
JB and I are both Blessed beyond measure, I pray that each of your lives are Blessed beyond measure also.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Day at the Scales and other frustrating things

Captured Thoughts
Here's my day, I had to deal with a changing prescription plan...ARG.... Got that taken care off, and I am grateful we atleast have insurance. So I'm whining not complaining!
Next this is the good news, I went to CURVES and weighed in, I have lost 3.5 lbs. so it's not much but it is a start, ( again whining ) but the biggest news there is I have lost 10 inches..Yeah, ME!!!!!
OK down to business, no really, I need to get ready for work so I can walk out the door at 2:30 ish.
So, everyone BE BLESSED!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I can't believe how fast time goes by. Gee it seems like only yesterday I was 20, yep, 20, lying in a hospital bed in PG Hospital, giving birth to my first child. A girl, a beautiful girl. Anyway she has given me great pleasure and joy and I love her. I can't believe she is 34 today. Happy Birthday Heather!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

This is really cool. My husband made a bench out of my really *old* twin bed when I was a teen, hence *old*.
He is the true artist in our family, in fact he taught me to paint. Anyway, he painted it and it sits in our backyard, it's our flower *bed*. It fills with sage every summer.

Paintings I have Done

These are three paintings I entered into our local fair. I won Blue ribbons which was cool, I didn't start painting until I was almost 50 yrs. old!
My very first painting I also won a blue ribbon, I sent it to my parents as a Christmas gift. My Dad being who he is, called and said that if I painted that painting, I should put away my hair citting shears, and take up painting. Now thta was a compliment. The really interesting thing is, that since then (4 yrs. ago)
my Mom and Dad and Sister have all taken to painting. All because my husband took the time to teach me. I guess that is a true case of Pay It Forward!
Isn't God good?


We have been Blessed with the opportunity to be grandparents.
I must say of all the things I have ever done, or had, being a *GRANNY* is the absolute best. These children think we are the best thing in their lives. They love us through all our faults, because they don't know we have them.
The best advice I ever got on being a grandparent was, the kids already have parents, they don't need parents so have fun.
I will say I am the the adult in this relationship, meaning JB is just like one of the kids. If they want to play they will ask me if he is allowed to go out and play with them. Its cute to see the mind of a child.
I love my grandchildren with a love that can't be explained, and only when you have grands does this love come to life.
Emilie said to me that she knew why I am her Granny, she said God hand picked her just for me. She has that right, they were all hand picked for me, and I for them.
I pray God guides me through this journey in my life.


Emilie, Samantha and Haley

A day in the park

Zack and Haley

The life of a grandparents is absolutely the best.

JB and Sharon

The Grandparents.