Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Haley, Sarah w/Baby Logan in tow

Just a cute picture of my daughter, Sarah and Haley. She was pregnant with Logan, and just love the picture. Thought I'd share!


Boy, do I have BURN-OUT bad. I have done hair long enough to know what burn out feels like and this is it. Atleast I think it is. NO, NO, I know it is. The thought of doing someones hair just, makes me want to run the other way.
I could quit work, if I do there will be some concessions I will have to make concerning finaces. Am I willing to do that. As I sit here typing I am.
On the other hand I was at my neighbors a few minutes ago and she was filling out an application for a job, and it was exciting for me. ( hmmm..because she was applying and not me...pardon the humor). Actually it was exciting, I have known her 36 years, we are related, and I felt freedom and happiness just helping her. Is that a sign?
What I do know is I need some guilt free time off, with no expectations (guilt) from myself. Its not like I make a bundle, shoot, I work so part time I hardly pay for the gas in the car. It's like I feel I need to do my part.
This too shall work out in whatever direction it takes, I will be grateful for all things, including BURNOUT!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RETREAT- Can I be a Dangerous Woman?

What a pleasant sounding word. Retreat, pull back, regroup. I have never been on a retreat. I think this will be fun. This is a retreat with a local church, just the ladies. It should be fun and refreshing. Just to get away from the same ole grind can refresh the spirit, soul and the mind.
I am most looking forward to the companionship of other woman. I am looking forward to sitting by the fireplace and knitting, or scrapbook. I am looking forward to fresh air ( just a metaphor, for getting away from the house).
Then I wonder is anyone going to miss me here, I'll only be gone overnight. Do I make a daily impact, that someone will even notice I'm gone. hmm... I didn't wonder that until I sat down to write. hmmm...
The theme of the retreat is * Dangerous Women* and their impact on the people around them. My prayer is I become a dangerous woman in a positive way, so I can encourage other woman around me.
Be Blessed