Thursday, August 16, 2007

G is for

Growing! Aren't we always growing? Well, I mean in the emotional, spiritual sense of the word. I am trying not to grow physically, unless it was up. Like maybe 5'5" and then I would be the right weight. Well, back to growing. Isn't that what life is all about? Learning life lessons is what we use to grow as a person. It could be a bad experience that teaches us what NOT to do again. Or it could teach us how to treat our fellow man/woman so they won't experience the same pain.
A joyous experience that we could use to add something special to someones life. All experiences can teach us compassion, thoughtfulness, kindness, empathy, etc. Part of the growing experience to be a better person tomorrow than what we were today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

F is for

Friends! My best friend my forever friend is Babs. I have known her since I barely 18. I met her in July 1970. We became instant friends the day I met her. We married cousins to whom neither of us are now married, but that is how we met. I love her, she loves me. We know each others dirty laundry, and can see each others warts but we are the best of friends. We are the thick and thin kind of friends, we have seen it all and been through everything with each other.
We were so different she was a business professional, and I became a stay at home Mom. I wanted to always be like her and funny she wanted to be like me. My life has grown so much because she has been in it and I could never imagine my life without her.
My other best friend is my husband JB. I love him. I truly am not one to pin the word soul-mate on someone, but I do believe he is mine. He and I have known each other 33 yrs. He was my best guy friend. I met him when I was married to the above cousin of Babs husband (small world). We were all friends, had fun together. I could always get a guys opinion on stuff from JB. In fact when I would come back to Maryland the girls would have a PJ party and he was invited.
4-6 women and JB. We liked his perspective on stuff. I will say now that we are married, I tell him everything anyway but it does change the guy perspective, because now he has a husband perspective. When you are married you affect each others daily lives. I could not imagine my life without him.
My daughters are also my friends, I love each one of them as daughters, but as young women. Each one of them is so different, and the different qualities. It is their uniqueness that helps us to be friends. I can't imagine my life without them!
I have rambled on, but tell me about your Best Friend!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

E is for

Event...Special event! What event do you have coming up in your life. A wedding, a sporting event, a baby shower, a baptism, a vacation, a girls night, a boys night, a sleepover, a birthday. Celebrate life make every day an event!
Today was a long day of shopping, no not that kind of shopping, it was grocery shopping. I firsst went to Sams and spent a small fortune, but the good news is that stuff spreads out over a month, then I went to Super Fresh and bought the rest of the groceries. I guess I could classify that as an event! I was one busy person today.

Monday, August 13, 2007

D is for

D is for decision. We make lots of decisions in our lives that not only affect us but the people around us. We should put alot of thought and prayer into the decisions we make. We need to think through the possible outcome of our decisions. Will someone be hurt by what we decide to do? Will my decision have a positive affect on my life? Will it affect the people around me in a positive manner? Coworkers, family, friends?