Monday, March 13, 2006

Life and Philosophy

Philosophical I'm not, even though the title suggests it. Today is a tough day for me, my heart hurts for someone I love, and I feel vulnerable. For me when I see people I love hurt it makes me feel afraid for them, afraid for me.
In these times no one is exempt from the pain of loss. Loss of a loved one, a job, home, family. I think these things could also happen to me. Not in the selfish way that it takes away from the other person but from the point of view that nobody is exempt. I do take heart in knowing that God says, (to really paraphrase), Where ever are I am there also. In other words, I believe where ever I am,or where ever you are, God is there, he is holding our hand when we are in physical or emotional pain, he is there when we see no hope in our future, he is there in the triumphs of small and big victories. To sum it up HE IS THERE! Since I put my hope in Christ Jesus who strengthens me, then who is against me?
Be Blessed in all of life's Journeys! Even when the travels are in the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Mary Jo said...

I believe this to. Almost in a literal sense at times. Right after I received the sad news about my pregnancy I was in the room alone and felt a presence with me. Almost as if someone was there with their hand on my shoulder. Gave me such a sense of peace :)