Thursday, March 16, 2006


WOW! This week has passed fast, and slow...Hard to believe it is Thursday. I have been bummed for a couple of days so I didn't blog. I am really at peace as I type this. I hope the situation I have been concerned with is resolved. It seems to be and has made me HEART-HAPPY for the people I love so much.
JB bought me a MP3 player which is really cool. It will be even better when I figure the whole thing out.
Today was an ordinary day. We are planning a surprise party for my mother-in-law on Saturday. She will be 84, and I know she will be tickled. Just family but that will be nice. We are having a cookout and I ordered her cake today. We we in Ohio and went over to West Virgina,to the Homer Laughlin factory and bought her a one place setting of Betty Boop dinner set. Its cute, and since her name is Betty...well you understand.
Not much else to talk about. Other than I am glad I looked to God for my source of strength. This can be very hard when your are in the midst of a crisis but I did and I do, and thankfully God is faithful.
I hope all are blessed in the good times and the challenges of life.

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Christi Snow said...

Your blog is always so uplifting! Have fun with your new gadget!