Monday, May 22, 2006


So I've been tagged and here are my answers -- I really had to think on some of these!

Seven things to do before I die:
1. visit important monuments in the United States (ie: Mt. Rushmore, etc)
2. Take a helicopter ride
3. Dance at my grandchildren weddings (they are all very young at present :)
4. Be comfortable in my own skin
5. Contribute(myself) to something in which I can make a difference
6. Run a mini-marathon
7. Take ballroom dancing lessons

Seven things I cannot do:
2. Play a musical instrument
3. Hold my feelings in, they show on my face

4. Hold a grudge
5. Swim
6. Ski
7. Give up on a friend

Seven things that attract me to my husband:
1. His smile
2. The twinkle in his eyes
3. His voice
4. He is really funny, I love his humor
5. He is very knowledgeable about a lot of stuff it amazes me when he comes up with little trivia
6. His love for the grandkids
7. He loves Jesus

8) He always thanks me for fixing dinner!!!! I just had to add an eighth one.

Seven things I Say:
1) I love you
2) I'm so glad you're my husband!
3) Geezy, Peasy
5) What did you do in school today?
6) To other drivers on the rode, bubba, grandpa, greatgrandma move!
7) Thank-You

Seven books that I love:

I am not much of a reader. When I do read I sit and read till the book is done.

Seven movies I've loved:
1. The Big Chill
2. Dance with the White Dog
3. The Notebook
4. All the James Bond Movies
5. Indian Summer
6. Steel Magnolias
7. What Women Want