Friday, October 31, 2008


Tomorrow is November 1st. Where in the world has this year gone? Let's see today was/is Halloween, and a disappointing one at that. We bought at least 8-10 lbs of candy, and I am not kidding. Can't resist warehouse pricing, and warehouse JB buys the candy he likes and then we buy the candy we give out first, before his stash. So all this candy and and very few kids. I like candy somewhat, JB likes it a lot, so I guess we will have to find places to get rid of it, maybe he can take it to work.
Haley and Logan looked so cute. I'll post pictures later.
Also, I am going to scrap lift a project that I saw on another website. It is so cute. It's a handmade box with a lid. When you remove the lid the box falls open with pictures on the inside.
So that would be 1 picture for the four sides and 1 on the bottom, and then 1 on the inside of the lid. Of course you use PP to cover the box, and ribbon and embellishments, whatever you want to express your creativity.
That's about it for today, I hope everyone has had a Blessed Day.
Here's a scripture that some of you may find interesting.
Psalm 34:4