Friday, March 03, 2006


You know, I'm a hairdresser, which makes me a people pleaser even on days I don't feel like it.
I hi-lighted a womans hair today, it looked great and she liked it. Problem was from the beginning she would say Ashley did this and Ashley did this, I was OK with that, then she told me what shampoo to us and styling product to use, and how Ashley blew her hair dry a certain way. I explained that I dry the root are first then the ends dry much quicker. Then she got real grouchy and said her hair was going to be greasy because I wasn't using the hair care system the way it was intended (Hey, I'm the HAIRDRESSER!) so, I told her I would find Ashleys hrs. And maybe she could schedule with her the next time. No tension here. Well my blood sugar was dropping big time, and she said one more thing, and I said! I'll get someone else to finish your hair! Called up to my manager and told her to come and take care of this woman, and I broke down in tears!!! Cried like a BABY!
The woman told my manger she didn't know why I was upset she only said she didn't want me to put any more product in her hair..BOLOGNA! I said Barb, I wouldn't cry if someone only said that. This woman had me stressed!
You know working with a bunch of woman ( and men) can be stressful, but, on the other hand its good because they are also you biggest cheerleaders. I knew I was right and they told me so. :) They were on my side.
On the bright side, I am better, and I know that these things we go through only serve to build our character. I have two updos tomorrow and I'm going in Sunday and help with inventory... I shall have great character by Monday!
Be Blessed everyone, and just remember we can be a character or build our character, I'd rather be the better person. Wouldn't you?


Mary Jo said...

That would have gotten to me to! As a teacher, I have definitely had parents who have made me cry. But there are always those that make you feel good, too! :)

Christi Snow said...

What an awful woman!! ((((hugs)))) to you, hon!

Sue Oren said...

Sorry you had a bad day!! Hugs!!

Rita said...

So sorry you had a rough day -- but you're right. These things build our character -- and sometimes a good cry helps! Some people though -- I tell you! Hugs to you --