Sunday, February 26, 2006


We have been Blessed with the opportunity to be grandparents.
I must say of all the things I have ever done, or had, being a *GRANNY* is the absolute best. These children think we are the best thing in their lives. They love us through all our faults, because they don't know we have them.
The best advice I ever got on being a grandparent was, the kids already have parents, they don't need parents so have fun.
I will say I am the the adult in this relationship, meaning JB is just like one of the kids. If they want to play they will ask me if he is allowed to go out and play with them. Its cute to see the mind of a child.
I love my grandchildren with a love that can't be explained, and only when you have grands does this love come to life.
Emilie said to me that she knew why I am her Granny, she said God hand picked her just for me. She has that right, they were all hand picked for me, and I for them.
I pray God guides me through this journey in my life.

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