Thursday, March 02, 2006


It seems as though when you pay for a service, ie: insurance, hospital bills , no matter there certainly is a lot of bull, or in polite terms, red tape. Yesterday it was the prescription stuff for the hubby and I. Today its the Medicare prescription plan for my MIL. She has been with us for most of last year now the plan we picked for her wants to verify her address. Since she has been in Virginia prior to this bout of illness, that was the address SSA had and medicare. So, I had to change her address with SSA ( that was no hassle at all ) then I had to call the prescription plan ( pain in the butt ) write them a letter from her, and from us. I mean for crying out loud she's 84 this month, why would she mislead anybody as to her address.
Speaking of MIL, I really have one of the nicest best MIL's ever.
Hubby and I are the sandwich generation, we have the grands and the parent(s). My mom was with us last year 3 months. The yr/ before maybe 2 months and his mom is with us atleast 9 months out of the year.
Thank God truly we have the abilities to take care of all of them and meet their needs.
It's not finacial things just due to illnesses and my daughter needing us to keep the girls I am glad we are able.
I wouldn't have it any other way because atleast in our house we know the care all of them get. They are not at the mercy of strangers.
Its scary to have your kids or parents in a situation that can't really be monitored.
Unless I were totally physically unable to care for them, that will never happen.
JB and I are both Blessed beyond measure, I pray that each of your lives are Blessed beyond measure also.

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Mary Jo said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, Sharon!! They meant a lot to me!
I love reading your positive thoughts and just how you really appreciate your blessings on your blog! I feel so blessed in my life that it's easier to come back from those bad days. :)