Monday, December 01, 2008


WOW! That's it, I must confess, I have become a true Blog Follower! I am loving reading everyones blog. It is so interesting to follow the interest, hobbies, careers of those who blog. I am learning so much. I bought circular knitting needles because of a blog I read. I like to knit, but I need to expand my skills beyond scarves! I also scrapbook, but haven't posted a thing I have done, that's on my list to do once, my scanner is working,,,,eekkkkk.....
I love to cook, found some really great recipes on some blogs. and decorate, amazing how many ideas there are available.
I do some oil painting, I have posted a couple of my paintings, so that's a start.
Take the plunge, become a Blog Follower, you will thank me or some other blogger who has introduced you to the exciting world of blogs!
If you have any interest in any style, craft, workmanship,projects poetry, writng, religion, anything,it's out there just a click away. They will intrigue you, challenge you with new ideas, and possibilities. So, have at it, enjoy yourself. I certainly have.

Commit everything you do unto the Lord.
Trust him,and he will help you. Psalm37:5 (NLT)


Katie said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I love that you have tried new things from following blogs -- I have as well. Isn't the internet a wonderful place to learn new things about life! said...

Once you start, the list just keeps growing! Have fun!

LisaShaw said...

I have made some wonderful sister friends in blog world. Welcome aboard!