Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I was driving to CURVES today, and on my way I was talking to God about how un disciplined I am at exercise, and this weight thing has gotten me down. Then I was thinking how today I told a neighbor who was laboring over a situation just how BIG GOD really is. I also had told my daughter the same thing on Monday. So, I said well, Sharon if you really believe what you say you need to act on it. So, I said to GOD, Since you are bigger than any minuet thing on this earth, my undisciplined, the other areas of my life, you can have them, and I won't fret about them any more.
Well, I walked into CURVES and the woman behind the desk said " We need people", I'm thinking a contest or something and I ask her what she meant. She said they were hiring and did I still have my application on file, I said I hadn't filled out an application, so she gave me one. I hesitated because I didn't have my glasses with me. (Dang, those 54 year old eyes!) Anyway, I went ahead and filled it out and was into my workout. Half way through the manager/owner *happened* to come in, short story long, she interviewed me and hired me on the spot!
Go Figure!!!!!Most of you know that I was flat-out burnt-out on doing hair. I still wanted a little cash in my pocket but the thought of being a hairstylist one more day was like ewww, ick, and I can't do this any more.
So, point being GOD is BIGGER......... Not only did I get a JOB that is part time ( a little cash) it's at CURVES (where I will feel accountable for my workouts, and my weight loss) Again, Go Figure!

"Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee." Psalm 50:15



Mary Jo said...

Yeah!! Sounds like you were in the right place at the right time with a little help! :) Congratulations on your new job!

LisaS said...

Congrats Sharon! Its amazing when He turns up and does His thing when we least expect it!