Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Joys of Modern Teckie Stuff

I have a new cell phone that arrived today. I just traded up in phones not services...yet. So weird how each phone is different. It's not like I use my phone often, I was just ready for a change. This phone has a slider texting keyboard in case I start texting (I haven't so far, but I may get adventuresome and add that to my plan) If I have texted I pay as you go I meant 8 texts in 5 years. Safe to say as to date I wouldn't get my moneys worth. I don't even us my minutes, I share a plan with my friend and we don't use the minutes between us...She got a new phone too hers is a beautiful blue, and mine is orange.
That's my day, how was yours? I pray it was a Blessed One!

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joni said...

What a nice surprise to see that you had written on your blog! Miss you girl and glad to know all is well with you! Aren't new phones the best! My college kids taught me how to text and that is mainly how I keep in touch with them through the week! I'm getting pretty good too! Have fun learning about yours!