Monday, August 10, 2009


Every year we go to Kings Dominion amusement park. This past weekend was it. Last year we took Samantha and Emilie, this year was Haley's turn. Notice I said was....we picked her up and she was crying, she wanted to go but was going to miss her family...her being with us has never resulted in crying. She said her tummy hurt, so we stopped to get her something to eat. We had only driven about 30 miles. She talked to her Mom and everything was good, then she started crying and said her tummy hurt, then she wailed and said it really.... really hurt. Decision time, we turned around and the wailing got louder and screeching about her tummy, I told her she was on her way to see her Mom and Dad, and Brother.....thinking this would help. It didn't. She threw-up.......her mom said she was miserable all day. Kings Dominion wasn't the same this year, we saw different rides and attractions, JB or I would say Haley would have liked this :(
Maybe next year.................
It was so hot there we left eaarlier than we normally would and we are still in a heat wave here at home. I am not a fan of hot weather that is for sure.

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