Tuesday, November 04, 2008


What can I say? Voting today was a very emotional experience for me. It was an odd reaction (I mean for crying out loud, it was a vote)but for me, an emotional one. It would serve no purpose to say who I voted for, but to experience such a historical voting day is beyond any words I could write. I was moved to pray over the whole process, and cast my ballot. Viola, it was done.
I went to the poll(s) at about 9:30ish (am), and it was a breeze, no line, then JB went around 1:00ish (pm) and the same no line, no wait, no problem.
I then went to McD's and told the manager I was having a celebratory cup of coffee ( I thought I was funny), went to Sams to pick up a couple of things, then to Michaels, to check out whats new in crafting, and finally the highlight of my day, I went to lunch with my friend, Midge.
So, I was gone for about 5 hours, just killing time.
Tomorrow I have a Dr.s appt. He is supposed to do a nerve conduction test on my leg. I am a wee bit nervous about this, we shall see.
Thats about it for me for today.
One more thing, today is my dads birthday! Happy Birthday, on this historical voting day.
Words to aspire to:
Galatians 5: 22-23

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