Tuesday, August 14, 2007

E is for

Event...Special event! What event do you have coming up in your life. A wedding, a sporting event, a baby shower, a baptism, a vacation, a girls night, a boys night, a sleepover, a birthday. Celebrate life make every day an event!
Today was a long day of shopping, no not that kind of shopping, it was grocery shopping. I firsst went to Sams and spent a small fortune, but the good news is that stuff spreads out over a month, then I went to Super Fresh and bought the rest of the groceries. I guess I could classify that as an event! I was one busy person today.


Jeanne said...

When my daughter was little we used to celebrate everyone's birthday. I don't mean just ours but famous people we liked..the Beatles, actors, actresses, anyone we could think of would be an excuse to have dessert and sing happy birthday. lol

Nancy said...

Randy's birthday is Friday, I did a bit of shopping but I still need to get him a few little things. Since I'm on vacation I just might make a cake or not LOL. A small store bought one sounds better. No left overs.
Other than that no other events this month.