Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's really all about ME!

Well its off to work I go today. I have decided to work about 20 hrs a week, since I no longer have the kids on a daily basis. My daughter said I will work until it interfers with my social life. Who knows, maybe she has insight? :)
Well tomoorw is the big day.
Well I hope it not the *BIG* day. I mean I have my first weigh in after my first week at weight watchers
I have been really good this week and haven't fallen back into my old habits. The really good news so far this week has been my blood sugar numbers have been down 2 different days to a really acceptable number. WooHoo!
I'd be lying to say that that is the only reason I want to lose this weight, because it's not. I want to go down atleast one size if not two.
I have been praying that the Lord gives me the wisdom and strength to follow this program, because I know it is a healthy lifestyle.
So, when I check in tomorrow I hope to have really good news.
I think I am learning a valuable lesson in setting short term goals as opposed to being overwhelmed by the big picture. Hey if I only lose 1 (one) lb. a wee in 5 months I have reached my long term goal. Not bad, right? But truthfully, my short term goal is 10 lbs. I will be tickled PINK with that weight loss.
Enough of that stuff.
I hope everyone has a wonderfully, Blessed Day!
Hugs, Sharon
The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever

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